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Thread: Minimum dpi

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    Question Minimum dpi

    I am interested to know if you could print an image at 100dpi, so that when viewed at a distance of one metre, the image would be sharp and you could not make out each individual dot comprising the image.

    I am basing this off my computer monitor which has 96dpi and when I view it at a distance of one metre, I can't see each individual pixel/dot making up the image.

    I believe your ability to see each dot/pixel is determined by a 'circle of confusion' and the distance it is viewed at.

    Is there a formula for this ?
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    well, your usual word documents are printed in 72dpi

    I read somewhere that the average human eye cannot see beyond 100dpi...most likely a lot less. I haven't printed at exactly 100dpi yet but I did blow up a 10MP group photo shot from my D80 to 75x50cm which...because of the size the density had to be lowered to 130-something dpi...even when viewed close up it looks pretty darn good and tack sharp from 1m+...

    hope that helps a lil bit...
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    Yep, go find a billboard and have a good close up look at it. It looks like a bunch of large pixels and doesn't really look like the image you see from a distance. Distance is the key here. Viewing it from afar (be it 5 metres or 50) will look better than viewing it from a few centimetres away.

    Is there a formula? not sure, maybe send "thing" a PM as he is in the printing industry and might be able to enlighten you.
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