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Thread: Installing actions in Photoshop Elements 7

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    Installing actions in Photoshop Elements 7

    Quote Originally Posted by ricktas View Post
    I never use USM.

    My personal way of sharpening, i used to do step-by step, (before i knew how to create actions).

    But now the wonderful people at Action Central have basically made an action that does what i was doing (actually a bit better than i was achieving).

    I use Dave's Sharpening Actions - in particular the High Pass Sharpening, from
    I've downloaded Dave's Sharpening Actions (a zip file containing one .atn file), and I'd love to try the High Pass Sharpening action mentioned by Rick; but I can't work out how to install it in Photoshop Elements 7.0.

    The instructions that I found on the web - for example, this one - mention an accompanying .png file, which is not provided in Dave's Sharpening Actions. The file structure in the article is different to mine too.

    Has anyone tried installing actions in Photoshop Elements 7? Would you help me understand how to do it?

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    Just guessing here, cause I dont use elements.

    In your actions pallette do you have an option to load an action? if so you run that, find the action and load it. It will them be available to use.

    You can also manually move the action file to the actions folder on your hard disk:

    For photoshop it is program files/adobe/adobe photoshop (version)/presets/actions

    My guess is that Elements probably uses a similar file system and you could find where they are saved, and then just drag and drop your additional actions to that folder. When you start Elements after that, they should be available to you.
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