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Thread: Please Read - Business of Photography

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    Please Read - Business of Photography

    Posts in this section must be about Photography as a business.

    Any discussion about fees, accountancy, taxation laws, and business information is the opinion of the member who posts it. It is advisable that you seek professional advice from the relevant authorised persons/organisations when making decisions of a business nature.

    Ausphotography, the site owner, administrators and moderators take no responsibility for any action you may take based on information provided in this forum.
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    It should also be noted that this is a public forum which means that any discussions pertinent to your business are freely visible and available to the general public. This could include past, current and future clients.

    With that in mind, please be prudent in your choice of topics and discussion as some subjects of a business nature could be a little too sensitive for general public consumption.

    It would be wise to refrain from discussion of actual experiences and/or client encounters and focus more on the general philosophy and mechanics of the photography business model.

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