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Thread: Problems with Adobe Reader X

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    Problems with Adobe Reader X

    For years I have been using Adobe Reader, and without much trouble.

    Recently, about the time it was changed to X, I have been getting hit-and-miss results and
    by the latest auto update it became HOPELESS!

    Problem: I would get BLANK GREY SCREENS where the original document would have had text or image.

    This happened whether I was receiving PDFs from other people, or when I printed or saved to PDF.

    The odd thing was that I could open these grey screens using Adobe Photoshop and retrieve the original information.

    But I had to save it back as an image, like a jpeg. If I saved as PDF again I got the same problem.

    A Google search brought up heaps of laments like this, and one of them suggested installing Foxit Reader. I installed that and it has been fantastic!!!

    Just wondering how others have fared?

    You can fox yourself Foxit Reader here.
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    Adobe flash plug-in crashes a lot to.
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