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Thread: 2017 Photography Competitons - Which do you recommend?

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    2017 Photography Competitons - Which do you recommend?

    I am putting together the 2017 Schedule for the Rockhampton Photography Club, and I would like to include some suggested photography comps (other than our club comps) that the members can enter.

    I will certainly be recommending that they join AusPhotography and enter the comps on this site, but I am also looking for a variety of photo competitions in Australia.

    Can you recommend one or more photo comps for our members?



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    Hey. I moved your thread as it was in the competitions forum, which is for the competitions on AP only.
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    Presume you have, but have you asked club members for ideas?
    If you get no feedback with that from members I wonder if you can piggyback on the AP weekly themes.
    Your club comp rules need "Once a month you need to post a photo on AP as that's were we got the weekly themes from.?"
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    There are many photo competitions around Australia every year. Some are digital competitions, others are ones where you physically submit your photographs. The nearest place to look is probably your local agricultural show. Many of these run photography competitions in the arts sections.

    All the Royal Shows around Australia also run photography competitions if your members want to be more adventurous. At Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, marks are allocated to each print, so you get an idea of how your photos went. All of these shows are geared up to receive entries by mail, and post them back at the end of the show. Brisbane Royal runs a very large photography competition. Perth Royal is a handy show in that you submit entries online to begin with, and they prejudge these. They then pick around the top 20% for final judging, and only prints of these have to be sent to Perth.

    Some photography clubs run competitions annually, in which they happily receive entries from anywhere in Australia (and sometimes overseas). If you look for totally digital shows, they are easily entered online... that saves on postage and the cost of prints and matting.

    Here is a link to the Australian Photographic Society competition page as a starting point.
    The Federation of Camera Clubs NSW has a page on competitions as well. Do you have a similar organisation in QLD?

    In NSW some government departments run photography competitions. QLD is probably the same. Just put photo competition into Google and I'm sure you will find many, many opportunities to show photos.

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