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Thread: Phantom 2 movie

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    Phantom 2 movie

    This guy waited for 10 months until the weather was just right... so send up his toy-drone and shoot the following video from the Dom Tower in Utrecht:

    There's a bit of a debate going on about this clip though. It seems you cannot fly a drone here without necessary permits. Potential fine: €8000 (ca. AUS$11500). For a toy!
    Ciao, Joost

    All feedback is highly appreciated!

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    Had a couple of thoughts (that doesn't happen often) while watching.
    These images could have been created via computer technology?
    Why didn't they check weather records so they didn't have to wait 10 months?
    Impressive building.
    These drone things aren't just great for killing, they give you the chance to photograph some interesting views.

    That's more than a couple of thoughts!! Been a long hot day.

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