Not really a comprehensive review, just my observations......

Finally updated the Canon 7D a few weeks(6?) ago to an 80D. It became a choice between that and the 7Dll.

While heading home after a recent trip, a high profile member suggested that I call in and have a play with his new toy (thanks, Mark...)
That, and a quick PM to another member (thanks, Darryl...) sold me on the idea.

So far, so good...
- The flip screen is a huge bonus.
- Touch screen is a plus/will be a plus...just got to remember to make better use of it.
- Smaller physical size and comfortable grip.
- I can now bracket just two images rather than the standard three...Think it goes to seven?
- Haven't played with the WiFi much apart from transferring images, but setting-up and operating the camera from a distance with the laptop should be a bonus for that wildlife stuff?
- I'm not as adventurous as some, but slowly pushing that ISO higher and still getting acceptable results, and more important, a 'higher shutter speed'
- Canons 1.4 extender works without fooling the camera by taping over some of those pins
- The 7D's batteries fit, something I didn't even consider while shopping....

So far, not so good.....
- The extra few pixels slowed PS down a bit, but I'm over that.
- No GPS. That would've come in handy while travelling to 'pin point' when and where I was (lost mostly.....)
- Spot focusing doesn't appear to work the same/as good as the old 7D...
It's working, or so it says, but when you go into 'Live view' there's focal points jumping all over the place..?? I'll have to play with that a bit more....
- I did notice a very big jump in quality after Mark & Darryl started posting with their new toys, but can't pick it in my own work...gotta be operator error, right?
(I wonder if a new lens would help...Hmmm)

I'm sure there'd be more 'Not so good' points, but after committing, it's nice to focus on the positives.