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17-09-2010, 8:42pm
is there any users here of either canon s90 or s95? i am thinking of buying either one for my girlfriend as birthday present but i can't really make up my mind... my girl is a superfans of Canon but she dislikes DSLRs which are too huge and heavy for a tiny her to carry :P my friends told me either of these cameras would be a great present for her!

actually budget is not a big concern to me but the most important thing would be the ease of usage of the camera and one more, my girl loves clubbing (i don't like..) and she wants to take nice pictures without great flash that almost blind everyone's eyes.

if you have a better option please let me know, QUALITY GOES FIRST! thanks :)

18-09-2010, 12:26am
My wife and I share a S90. Well its mostly my wife, its almost always in her bag. It's a great camera. You can go complete manual. It can save RAW. It has a real apature.
I don't know the S95, so I can't tell you how they differ.

It is easy to use in the Program modes. Is wide angle enough for self group photos, small and effect flash, with would work great in clubs.

Any specific questions?

14-10-2010, 8:57pm
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18-10-2010, 1:20pm

I also have the Canon S90 (among other cameras).
AFAICT the only difference is that the S95 can shoot HD video (1280x720p) whereas the S90 can only shoot VGA video.

Cheers from Jack

19-10-2010, 1:28am
I have an S90, and love it. As well as the video, a few annoyances with it have been addressed with the S95. The latter: is less slippery; has a better rear control dial; and has a better strap with 2 anchor points. If you have an S95 and don't like it, I'll swap. ;-)

05-07-2011, 2:44am
i have a canon s95 and love it. the size is great to leave in my hand bag. i am still learning my way around it, but enjoying it so muchy

25-08-2011, 1:07pm
I bought an S90 and it was a fantastic camera. I bought it as a grey import from an Australian company that ships stuff out of Hong Kong.

It's been nearly 2 years now? It was 2 Christmas's ago. I paid HALF what JB Hifi was selling it for at the time.

The camera is still going strong! Even after I dropped it once LOL. Oops.

But yeah, great camera, the photographs are very clear and sharp! I haven't tried the manual modes (had no idea how to use them at the time, and I don't think she uses them either.). Auto mode seems to work pretty darn well!

I think it's still going strong, it was bought for an ex. She still uses it, photos keep popping up on Facebook every now and then.