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13-09-2010, 1:54pm
I am almost certainly going to buy the new Sony a55, but body only. :)

I'd like to stick to Sony for lenses. At about $1,295 (I think) for the body, does anyone have suggestions for a good quality prime in the first instance, and when I can afford it a telelephoto?

Having said that, I don't think I could afford any of the CZ range at this stage, maybe 'G'?


14-09-2010, 7:34pm
Greg, what do you plan to shoot ie landscapes, portraits, low light etc

You can pick up Minolta AF lens (A mount) that are a great choice and cheaper than the Sonys.

Minolta 50mm f1.7 is about $100, and is a great all round lens, the Min 50mm F1.4 is more expensive $200+, great for low light.

Sony Sam 50mm F1.8 about $170.00 grey import, good reports on Dyxum.com (sony minolta site)

The new Sony 35mm F1.8 is not out yet AFAIK.

A link for sony minolta lens reviews: Some of these guys can be a little over the top with their appraisals, but they are still a good starting reference.


If you google minolta or sony lens reviews there is a lot of info eg Kurtmunger.com or photozone.de unbiased reviews from those two.

I have the Min 24mm f2.8 and its good for landscapes.

Portraits either the 50mm f1.7 or the Min 85mm f1.4 or the new Sony 85mm f2.8, Sigma are also releasing a 85mm f1.4 later this year, if money is no prob's go with the Carl Ziess 85mm f1.4.

That will keep you busy for a while.


15-09-2010, 9:23am
Yak, that's terrific advice. Thank you.

What will I shoot. I think all but portraits. I live in the city so plently of cityscapes/landscapes/and yes, low light.

I will check out the sites you mentioned and certainly consider the minolta range.

Cheers, Greg

06-12-2010, 12:57pm
Hi everyone! I need some advice about these lens. Which one will be more beneficial. I'm planning to buy a walkaround lens. Thanks.
Sony SAL 18-250
Sony 16-80ZA
Sigma 18-250 OS HSM

These are my choices. Thanks.

I have a SLTa55 with 18-55 kit lens and Minolta 50 f/1.7.

Aussie Nan
07-12-2010, 8:00pm
Hi aldrene,

I use the CZ16-80mm for my walk around lens, I really like it a lot.

No, it was not cheap, about $1100, but I really notice the difference in clarity and colour. With so much talk about 'quality of glass' I decided to bite the bullett and buy the best I could afford, so now I can't blame my lens for poor results :D. Maybe you would like to check some of the reviews on it.

10-01-2011, 6:12pm
G'day Aldrene, l read the Sigma 18-250mm HSM is great lens, here a review - this guy knows he's lenses.


17-01-2011, 9:35am
Hi Aldrene,

I have the Sony 18-250 lens and this is a fantastic walk around lens, that offers a great range. I was lucky enough to get the lems on e-bay for $480 second hand. The lens had hardly been used.

Regards, Andrew

17-01-2011, 11:10am
Hi! My 2c:

CZ 16-80 has been my favorite lens. Something about the photos it takes, just makes everything POP! Good contrast, colours, sharpness, resolution. 16mm also creates interesting photos. Very fast focusing. Sometimes on ebay, but not too often. I did try 24 and 28mm primes, but found I needed to stop down to get really sharp, by which time the CZ was just as sharp, even when it was wide open. So I sold the primes...

If you want the longer range the 70-210 f4 takes fantastic photos; very affordable, but it is heavy. Very common on ebay.

18-250 seems to get good reviews, but I've never used it. personally I'd prefer IQ over most other things.

Good luck!