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09-01-2020, 12:14pm
Looking for a second camera to back up the 5d mkiii and looking hard at the R series as the batteries are the same and I can use my L series glass whilst in Africa this year for several months
Would like to purchase 4 weeks before departure and save on the duty:D
Pro's and Con's please


10-01-2020, 8:15pm

Here is a thread I started a few months ago that may help with this question


On top of this I am heading to both Kenya and Rwanda in a months time, taking with me a EOS R and 1Dx. I will be able to give you 1st person feedback when I am back.


10-01-2020, 8:21pm
I'm thinking the 5D iii will end up the backup camera, the R has a lot going for it.

10-01-2020, 9:48pm
I'm thinking the EOS R will drive you mad, the 5D III (and indeed any other full-size Canon body going back as far as the 20D) is much nicer to use. The longer I own the EOS R, the less I like it.