View Full Version : Sony A99II !!!

20-09-2016, 8:01am
Well, many Sony users have bashed Sony for not having any new significant a-mount cameras for a long time, but Sony delivered.



Wish I had money... >_>

20-09-2016, 10:38am
Well that's good news. I thought Sony may go to exclusive E mount cameras. Can't find any info on price though.

20-09-2016, 11:13am
I think they said $3500

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20-09-2016, 11:15am
Nikon's release should have come with the tag line "i am boring" or "I have nothing to announce". Glad some of the other manufacturers were at least offering something decent.

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20-09-2016, 9:24pm

Now, if only they announced an RX10iv with MFT sensor with 24-200mm (or more) f2.8 lens, I'm sold. lol

22-09-2016, 9:52pm
Thing is my a mounts will fit to my A7II & A7r, but I wouldn't be able to fit my e mount lens to an A99II, so in my case e mount wins

25-09-2016, 12:01pm
However, there are those who still prefer the bigger bodies, and the a-mount lenses honestly isn't that limited nor that bad, so users of the A99ii have nothing to lose really :)

29-01-2017, 2:59pm
im pretty tempted to upgrade my a99 to teh II
thinking to wait ( till they get a special/discount ) and possibly look at a7rIII/a9. i have tried the a7rII though and for portraits i found it hard to hold for periods of time so ill probably think ill end up with a99II