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15-02-2013, 1:29am
Thought I would give a quick review of my Panasonic Lumix LX7 which I recently acquired.

Overall I had already decided on a set of criteria when looking for a small easy to carry portable. I found that the LX7 fit most of my needs :

It had to be small so it could be carried easily.

The LX7, while not small enough to go in my trouser pockets will easily fit in a jacket pocket. It also fits nicely into a case hooked to my belt. It isn’t that heavy and light enough to hold steady with one hand.

It had to have at least a minimum shutter speed of 60 secs. This for occasional night shots.

The LX7 can open for the shutter for up to 4 mins

It had to to have a relatively fast burst mode, something around at least 5fps at its max resolution.

The LX7 will do up to 10 fps at is max res.

Had to shoot in RAW.

LX7 shoots in RAW and RAW + jpeg

5. Had to have very simply Aperture and Shutter controls when shooting in manual.

My pet hate is having to dig through more than two steps to change aperture or shutter speed. The LX7 has an aperture control dial around the lens and a scroll wheel for the shutter speed.

Large aperture for low light.

Has a 1.4 – 2.8 lens.

Excellent low light shots. I have used it for some great indoor shots without flash.

Wide angle lens and good zoom range

LX7 does 24-90mm (35mm equivalent). Most other compacts had a minimum wide angle of 28mm and the extra 4mm down low really helps for interior shots.

Not so important but in consideration was the video mode. The LX7 shoots 1080p video with a handy separate button next to the shutter button. No need to select the movie mode via the mode select switch.

9. Also not really important for me but for my family who may use the camera were the scene modes. There are a lot of these but these are also prominent on other compacts as well. Its just that the Pana is not lacking in this area.

Other compacts I looked including the Olympus XZ2, Fuji X10, Canon S110 and Sony DCF100 were either too expensive(Sony) , F1.8 lens with min 28mm zoom (Olympus XZ2) or didn’t have a slow enough shutter speed (Canon S110). The Fuji X10 came close but was more expensive also.

MFT system cameras, I ruled out as they were too bulky (with a zoom lens attached)

I would recommend the LX7 for any DSLR owner who wants a compact digital with the above requirements.

If anyone is interested I can post some pics.

15-02-2013, 12:34pm

Sorry when I referred to the Sony DCF100, this was incorrect model. The correct model is the Sony DSC-RX100.