View Full Version : doing my third assignment for the photographic course

13-01-2013, 9:00pm
I have a Nikon D3 and the question for the assignment is what is the dynamic range of your camera in F stopsIs the grey card exposure (zone v) in the middle of the range iso 200, iso 400, iso 800 is there a colour bias as the exposure changes can you detect noise in the shadows. please if someone has done this can you kindly help. :) any help would be appreciated I have already paid for this diploma in photography otherwise I would have pulled out put it this way my husband paid for it and he is very ill and I want to go through with it to make him proud. before it is too late.

13-01-2013, 9:12pm
Adrine. If you ask me, we are a pretty helpful bunch here (even EX-cluding myself).

But, am I completely wrong, or are you asking us to help you do your assignments?

That would not be a fair thing to ask. If you really need help, ask your tutors or course presenter first.


13-01-2013, 9:25pm
You do realise your paid for Diploma of Photography is from an organisation that is not a Registered Training Organisations (RTO) and therefore any qualification you get is not a recognised one as per Australian Standards? The real diploma is called 'Diploma of photoimaging' : CUV50407 - Diploma of Photoimaging.

I am sorry to hear your husband is very unwell.

Your question has been asked before on the site, and my understanding is they have given you instructions on how to setup a test to determine the dynamic range of your camera, have you setup and done the tests?