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19-12-2012, 12:09am
I'm looking to upgrade to a Canon 650D,Has anyone here owned one?
The reason for me wanting to upgrade is my Canon 1000D is on its way out,(Shutter has nearly reached it's life expectancy,Refuses to read SD cards) and I've been meaning to upgrade for a while(Owned the 1000D for 2 years)

19-12-2012, 7:28am
I would say that after 2 years in photography, if you are getting serious about it, then consider saving up further and moving to the next level. With a 5D Mk III etc, unless their is a good reason to stay with the entry level cameras. The 650D is a good bit of kit and will serve you well if you decide to go that way.

20-12-2012, 1:49am
That would be a huge step,and an expensive one for me.I just want something that is a little better then what I have at the moment.
Thanks for the reply.

20-12-2012, 7:26am
OK, taking that your 1000D is having a few problems, how do YOU perceive the 650D as a step-up? How is the 650D going to make your photographer better, than say a 1100D which if cost is a factor, would replace your failing current body at a better price point

650D has 18MP, ISO 100-12800, 5fps, 9 pt focus
1100D has 12MP, ISO 100-6400, 3fps, 9 pt focus

Mary Anne
20-12-2012, 5:36pm
If you get a full frame like the 5D Mk III you will not be able to use your EF-S lenses with it, and you will be up for EF lenses also, No on camera flash either.
What about the 60D or the 7D they are still crop sensor frames so your lenses will be ok..

60D and 7D is similar in specs to the 650D though the 7D has 8 fps.....
I am still shooting with an old 40D 10MP, ISO 100-3200, 3fps, 9pt focus and it still takes great photos.
It has things your 1000D does not have... Though the ISO on my 40D lets it down, thats why I have a 5DMk 11..
I use the 40D for macro with a twinlite flash and the bright time of the day it still a bonza camera :2smile:

By all means get out of the Entry Level and into the Enthusiast Level . Look at the 6OD though very similar to the 650D, its older
Have a look at the 650D v 60D Here (http://snapsort.com/compare/Canon-EOS-650D-vs-Canon_EOS_60D) Not much between the two really.
You would be happy with either of these two cameras till you learn even more then you could go onto a FF camera if you wanted too..

P.S. Your 1000D does not have spot metering and you need that for many things, Macro, Birds..

21-12-2012, 1:12am
Thanks for the replies,I think I'll go with a 60D.

My Canon 1000D's card slot is playing up and I've been meaning to upgrade for a while now,I can't get any better with it.

Mary Anne
21-12-2012, 4:37pm
That is a good choice, you will be happy with the 60D..:santa:

Mark L
21-12-2012, 9:22pm
Can you go into a shop and feel the 650D and 60D actually in your hands?
Interesting difference in battery life between them (based on Mary Anne's link).
Don't know the 650D, but have found the 60D a good camera for general use.

22-12-2012, 6:45pm

Explains the differences(Not that there are many)

04-02-2013, 10:42pm
I bought the 60D,It arrived today,I've only taken a few shots in the yard,Excited to see what I can do with it.
One of the test shots