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Thread: Seagate and Ausphotography

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    Seagate and Ausphotography

    Let me start by saying thanks to Seagate for all their support of Ausphotography and its members in the past, with the provision of some great prizes.

    When Seagate came on board and approached me about sponsoring a major competition on the site, I dealt with a lovely lady by the name of Ashleigh. Ashleigh co-ordinated everything from the Seagate side, planning the competitions, what the prizes would be and then arranging the distribution of those prizes to the winning members.

    Ashleigh left her position in the latter part of 2011, and moved to the UK. I was then put in contact with Karen. Karen was very helpful. However, the last time I contacted Karen, she advised that the company was going through some restructuring and that she would be in touch when we could plan/announce the next Seagate competition.

    Since early December, I have tried to contact Karen several times, and not been able to. All my emails, go unanswered, and I have also left a few phone messages, that have not been returned.

    Therefore, sadly, I have now removed all the Seagate logo's and advertising from Ausphotography, along with closing the Seagate Competition forum. I hope in future, we can re-establish contact, and may be able to offer something as wonderful as what Seagate did in the past.

    So, unfortunately, at this time, we will not be holding any further Seagate competitions on Ausphotography.
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    Not good news Rick, Might have to talk to my Financial consulant JSP , We got used to the Quarterly Comp , Sad to hear about Seagate
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    Very unfortunate. Seagate has give great support and will be missed. Like, others, Mongo was happy to receive their prize which they managed and delivered very courteously and efficiently.

    It is particularly unfortunate that it end in this very unusual way. Mongo would have thought it would have been reasonable to have replied even if it was to say Seagate cannot commit as to its future involvement with AP at this time but may review that in the future.

    In any event, we are grateful for the relationship to date and hope they will reconnect in the future

    In the interim, Mongo is offering a prize of one week's worth of his fallen out furs to some desperately lucky person who is knitting a cashmere coat substitute.
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    Yeah, sad really.

    It was good to see a company put it's money where it's mouth is.
    I have good experiences with Seagate's drives(I only have various incarnations of their hdd products) and also want to thank them for one of their ultra portable USB drives they offered for one of their comps too.

    Hope they come back and re-instate their association with AP one day.
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