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    Recommend - Remote flash trigger + Flash unit.

    Not looking at prices yet, but would like cheap as I am not professionally shooting.

    I need (want) a remote flash trigger and receiver plus a flash unit to suit my 60D. What do you recommend?

    TTL prefered. I assume the flash need to be compatible with TTL also.
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    I'm in the same boat. Have been looking at the Nissin Di866 flash - for around $230, which seems to have fairly good reviews. And for the remote trigger I am leaning towards the Cactus V5 - for around $60.

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    I have been looking at the V5's also, I'm concerned that they dont have a locking pin for the hotshoe.

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    I have the smaller Nissin, as well as a Canon 580EXII, and the Nissin is an excellent flash and works well with the E-TTL metering.
    I love the fact that it works wirelessly with my 60D and also works really well as an optical slave.
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    The only triggers that are compatible with ETTL mode are Odin, PW or Pixel Kings. The pixel kings will set you back about $160 for a trigger and receiver but check if they are compatible with non canon flash before you splash out.

    In my opinion the Pixel kings do the job and are worth the coin as you are able to adjust the flash setting from the camera if you are using a 580EXII or 430EXII. Great for when you are chimping from the back of the camera or you want to tweak the light in between shots.

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    I am a Nikon shooter and use *removed- read site rules 3-7*.I have found them to be very reliable and solidly constructed for the price.
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    I have the RF602 triggers and find them excellent.
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    I have a pair of the Cactus V5 units, and have been very happy with them. The lack of a locking pin is not really an issue as the unit is so light on the camera. If you don't take a picture for about a minute or so, the units seem to need re-synching, and your first shot won't actually fire the flash,but after they re-synch (which you can also do manually with the little button on the top), they work fine from then on.
    The only minor criticism I have is that it is easy to accidentally move the channel selector wheel while trying to flick the Rcv/off/Tx switch, resulting in units that are tuned to different channels and don't talk to each other - but I have worked around this by simply ejecting the battery tray instead of using the switch to turn them on/off, and leave them permanently on one channel, and one each switched to Receive and Transmit.
    Oh and as others have mentioned, they are simple triggers - no TTL communication - but that was exactly what I wanted.


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