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Thread: Another - How do I clean a Zuiko OM 50mm F1.4. Remove front elements.

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    Question Another - How do I clean a Zuiko OM 50mm F1.4. Remove front elements.

    I have thus far been able to remove and clean the rear elements.
    Its a moisture stain not fungus.
    The stains seem to be whisps and on the interanl surfaces not on the exterior.
    Plus there looks like some dust specs also.
    The lens has been in storage for umteen years and finally i have got an urge to get the old OM2N working again.
    I have removed the bezel - used a small screw driver into the knotches and gently turned.
    Removed the F stop ring.
    I am now at the front element.
    I have tried to remove the front assembly by using the knotches - which some posts say to turn from here and the front assy will screw out - to no avail. which ever way I turn it doesn't move.
    Within this ring appears to be another bezel holding down the front lens. If I could only manage to get it to turn I think I would be able to get the front lens out and cleaned.
    This ring/ bezel has no means of getting a grip of. It is threaded because thru the knotches in the outer ring can be seem screwed threads.
    I have searched hi and low on the net - download the assembly drawings from
    *removed- refer to site rules 3-7*
    have to get the url right as many posts use *removed - refer to site rules 3-7* which is not the right place.

    Read many posts - even some from here - but no where can I specifically find the how to do it successfully.
    Any suggestions will be readily appreciated and tested.

    Why do i wish to DIY - because the cost of getting it done would be - why don't I just buy a replacement one for not much more.

    Kind Regards.
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