Hey Claire,

This is how I set up for my week 5 shot...

In my shed I had this set up on the bench - the backing sheet was pinned to the wall, camera on a tripod, I used the on camera flash and a remote second flash currently on the right was positioned to the left of the paint tin in the centre to wash the shadow of the on camera flash. The wine glass was taped to the wedge to stop it falling over, that wedge was propped on a nother wedge to get the angle right and then all of that taped to the paint tin - just to be sure! Because there were a few attempts I would have to tip the whole lot to empty the glass into a jug from which I could refill the V can. Blocking the openning of the can with my thumb then I would reclamp the can in place. With my remote in hand then I would remove my thumb stopper. It all went pretty well really - I managed to get the final shot only using the one can of V - did not spill too much. It took me a few hours over two days to get the right shot.

In this case I think the end justifies the means!!