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Thread: Gitzo tripod gt2531ex vs gt2531

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    Gitzo tripod gt2531ex vs gt2531

    I want to upgrade my tripod.
    The old one is start kits of Manfortto.
    I use in landscape and portrait.
    My camera is 5D2 with three lens. The heavy one is 70~200 mm F/2.8 IS Mark II.
    I think GT2531 maybe a very good choice for me.
    Trouble is 2531 is Mountaineer and 2531 EX is explorer.
    I read some review it seems the ex one is much better in macro photography.
    I just want to know it same good at landscape like GT2531.
    The reason is ex cheap in ebay than GT2531.

    Could you give me any idea about this tripod ?

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    The main differene between them is that with the EX, the centre column can be put at various angles where the non EX column can only go up and down.
    The EX is also heavier.

    I too was looking for a good C/F tripod and had my heart set on buying a Gitzo, but then I went and saw the Benro C/F triods, ad I bought one of these.
    They are very strong and well made and definitely better value for money.

    I use mine with my 60D, gripped and with my 100-400L lens and it is as steady as a rock, and with my Acratech head, weighs less than 2kg all up.

    Be careful if you are buying from e-bay, as there are a lot of ripp-offs there especially with Gitzo tripods. in Canberra have some of the Gitzos on special (and I'm sure the 2531EX is one of the tripods on special) and their prices are not too bad and probably the cheapest local supplier.
    They also stock the Acratech heads for the same price as B&H in New York.
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    This is just an opinion, but I highly recommend that you avoid the Explorer version due to the design of the leg angle locking system.
    At first the 'easy to use' flip lock leg angling system looks better, but the shop floor demo version I played with was totally inadequate for a 'proper' tripod support system.(that is a solid stable one).

    With the flip lock locked into place to log the angle of the leg, it doesn't take too much force to move the angle of the leg .. against the 'grip' (or lack of it) of the flip lock lever.

    The annoying harder to use but much more sturdy Mountaineer push/pull(catch-your-finger-in-the-process) leg locks simply don't move once they locked into position.

    In the end I went for the 3531 model as it wasn't that much more expensive(than the 2531), but felt a lot more stable due to the larger physical size.(if that helps any).
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