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Thread: Mt Isa (back on AP after a while away)

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    Mt Isa (back on AP after a while away)

    Hi folks,

    glad to be back on AP after not posting much during most of 2011. During the time off I've moved to Mackay, bought a block of land there, started a new job, decided after 12 months Brisbane suited us much better so sold the mackay property, left the Mackay job, moved back to Brisbane and bought a new property there have just finished my first week in a new job in Mt Isa. I'll be here most of the first 3 months with every second weeked back in Brisbane then after that I'll be a week in the Isa and every second week working from home in Brisbane. All weekends will be in Brisbane then so I'll be keen to get back to socialising and going on outings with SEQ-based AP-ers. I've missed the fun and friendship a lot over this last hectic year.

    I spent a few hours yesterday scouting the Mt Isa surrounds for locations to shoot and I think I'll have quite a bit of fun here trying to create pictures that make use of the beautiful strong red colours of the earth as well as the marvellous clarity of the air here; it's quite amazing how far you can see with no dust, haze or moisture in the atmosphere.

    If anyone has shot in the Isa before and has recommendations for locations or subject material I'd love to hear from you.

    Kind Regards
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    Mate, it seems you and I are opposites.

    Moved from Sydney to the Isa for work, while still living here went to work in Perth, decided that was enough for me doing 2/1 and travelling so I moved work to Mackay, and still living in Mount Isa.

    Shoot me a PM and we can go for a shoot out at the lake, there really isn't a great deal of choice for good places to shoot out here without doing a ton of bush bashing.

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    I have also been away for a long time. About half-way between Mt Isa and Cloncurry is the ghost town of Mary Kathleen. The last time I was there was in late 2009 when I was driving from Darwin back home to Brisbane.

    Not much bush-bashing required. - I got there in my VW Jetta TDI.

    This sign at the entrance to the old town.

    Just roads and housing slabs remain

    The above one was taken in 2008 when I went up there for a job interview.

    Just west of Cloncurry is the Chinaman Creek Dam

    I was totally blown away by the redness of the earth.
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