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Thread: Ausphotography: Our anti-spamming measures

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    Ausphotography: Our anti-spamming measures

    Thought members might be interested in part of the technology behind the site and how we stop as many spammers as possible. Forums are often targeted by spammers as they allow a good way to get the spammers products noticed by a target audience who might be interested in what they are selling/offering (or pretending to).

    On Ausphotography we have several levels of anti-spamming technology. One of which is that AP checks all new registration attempts against a global database of known usernames, IP addresses and email addresses. When this software detects a match, it returns a response to the person/bot trying to register on the site, advising them that we actively block spammer registrations and that they cannot register on AP.

    If a spammer does get through and posts to the site, we remove their post, ban them, and report their details to the global database, making their IP address, username and email address combination, effectively blocked from every other site that uses the database.

    Here is a screen grab from this evening of a section of the new registration spammer detection at work. Note the times of registrations. We block a spammer every few minutes. This continues like this 24/7.

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    Thanks boss, I've not looked at the log in weeks, seems like more attempts than ever.

    The majority of these are 'bots (i.e. programs trying to join sites all over the world and dump advertising spam).

    It's a bit like Star Trek ... shields at 98% efficiency

    Of the few that do get through; members report those posts and they get killed off PDQ.
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    And that probably goes on for site after site after site I suppose.
    Thanks for being vigilant.
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    I too use an Anti Spam add-on or two on the forum I Administrate. Had some major hits last years with spammers attempting to sign up at a rate of knots I've never seen before.

    I also use another Anti Bot add-on which has got my spammers down to the odd human or two once in a blue moon.
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