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Thread: Photo of the year

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    Photo of the year

    I have voted in the Photo of the Year contest and I must say that there are some absolutely STUNNING photographs presented there, mine not one of them! The problem I am having is that it is way too difficult to judge it down to only one favourite, moreso because of the different genres presented.

    My thought is that there should be a Photo of the Year for different genres as it is unfair that some stunning images miss out on a gong because they are not the usual "type" that wins these comps. I believe that there should be a landscape/seascape POTY, a wildlife/animal/zoo animal/bird POTY, a portrait POTY, architectural POTY and maybe an abstract or B@W POTY.

    Looking at this years entrants, there are some absolutely amazing landscape photos and some equally fantastic bird shots that leave me spellbound and abtracts that are excellent and there is no way that I can really choose between them all. Any one of them would win first prize anywhere.

    If it were me, I could give a first prize to at least 15 of these wonderful images and if I had my way, I would! All I can say is fantastic work by all who entered and every one of you should be duly proud of your wonderful efforts!

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    No matter what we do, there will always be people who do not win. We could run 40 separate POTY competitions and still someone has to come second..and each.

    I think the prestige of only having one Photo of the Year, makes it all the more exciting and impressive. Having multiple competitions would take a lot of work behind the scenes. Just getting this one competition up and running was a few hours work.

    I agree wholeheartedly that there are stunning entries in POTY. It is hard to choose a few from the selection to pick and vote for.

    Oh and I cannot afford to give out $300.00 to each Genre..AP would go broke!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricktas View Post
    I think the prestige of only having one Photo of the Year, makes it all the more exciting and impressive. ....
    While understanding what Lance is saying, Ricks quote sums it up for me.
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