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Thread: The real story of Lazarus was based upon this one of

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    The real story of Lazarus was based upon this one of


    .... cool lil Polaroid camera .. or was it 'phone'

    This is the kind of fun, cheeky product development Kodak missed out on and is now where Polaroid was a few years back Bankrupt!!

    Thankfully Polaroid saw the light to a more successful future and dumped film and now has a fun range of digi cams that probably do what people want. Quick easy cheap snaps of a moment in time in their lives.

    With all of Kodak's billions (now lost) why is it that a company with access to such massive resources couldn't produce a single product that people actually wanted.

    Even tho phones with cameras are something that people want, I think there's a market for fun camera's such as these.

    I suppose it's more of an iPod touch with a camera than an iPhone. It has Wifi connectivity, instead of phone capability.
    It should be directly marketed at the same price range as an iPod touch.
    Hopefully(for Polaroid) its going to be a bit of a hit.

    I could see my daughter with one of these iPol thingies.
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    Can't understand why they left the phone out?
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