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Thread: February Feedback Frenzy : Best critique of the Month : It is on again

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    February Feedback Frenzy : Best critique of the Month : It is on again

    February Feedback Frenzy

    "Best Critique of the month"
    is on again

    1. Best Critique of a member's photo

    We will award a prize to the member we think has provided the most comprehensive, thorough and well written critique that is posted to Ausphotography between 1st - 28th February 2012. The critique must be on a photo in the Constructive Critique : Members Photos Forums

    The moderators and I will choose a critique that we think exemplifies what critiquing is about, a post that informs, educates and provides fantastic constructive critique of another member's photo.

    The member who's critique is chosen will win a $100.00 voucher to an Ausphotography Site advertiser of their choice:

    2. The secret prize

    To keep things interesting, we are not revealing how this prize winner will be chosen. Suffice to say, again, it involves your participation on the forums. The winner will get a $50.00 voucher to an Ausphotography Site advertiser of their choice

    So get your creative juices flowing!


    The mods and I will be roaming the site for suitable winners, but if you happen across a thread/post that you think warrants our consideration, please feel free to use the report icon to let us know you think we should take a look. Do not report your own posts/threads, we will ignore those.

    The mods and I will not discuss with any member if a particular thread/post is being considered. We will reveal the winners in early March 2012, giving us time to discuss all eligible contenders. At this stage we anticipate announcing the winners around the 3rd March 2012.

    Have fun, show us what you can do, lets push the discussion and critique to a new level.

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