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Thread: Paintshop Photo Pro v's Photoshop Elements

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    Paintshop Photo Pro v's Photoshop Elements

    Ok here goes, I've only ever used Paintshop Photo Pro and I find it quite "user friendl├┐" to use, especially as I have a KISS mentality lol. But, seeing that Photoshop appears to be the most widely used photo editing program, bought myself a copy of Photoshop Elements and I'm finding it alot harder to use, so basically I've given up trying & have gone back to my trusty Paintshop lol.
    So my question is, do many forum members here use Paintshop Photo Pro 3 or 4 or should I really try to nut Photoshop out ??
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    Paintshop is up to about version 12 or 13 now, do you mean you are using a really old version?

    Re Photoshop, it is different, not really harder. Like anything, to master, you need to undergo a learning curve. I used to be a Paintshop user (10 years ago) and it took me a while to convert/adapt what I had learnt to using photoshop. However, PSP is a good bit of software and will stand up to fairly much everything Photoshop does, it just does it differently.

    The advantage of photoshop is that it tends to be the 'standard' and thus more people can assist you learn, cause more are using it. There are more tutes on Youtube etc for Photoshop.
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    I think you have the answer already. And for inspiration, look at your signature block.

    I expect that soon enough you will be offering Photoshop novices some advice.
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