Hey Folks,
In particular all you gals and girls from SA. Given I've been contemplating chasing the storm potential in your state for tomorrow, I figured it only fair that you receive fair warning of the threat. From mid-afternoon through much of Eastern SA there will be a high risk of severe thunderstorms. These won't be your garden variety storms either, we are talking the potential for the really big hail, damaging winds, serious rainfall and possible the odd Tornado if things line up.

If you have seen any of the shots from December 7th 2010 from the SA thunderstorms then you will know the sort of day I am talking about. So if you have an interest, keep your eyes peeled for an opportune photo, and be careful of all the associated hazards (lightning included), as the storms have the potential to be quite serious (hint, windshields may be under threat under the larger stronger storms). For those of you who have an inclination to chase, just take it easy as these sort of conditions are not the normal sort of SA storm day, and I don't want to hear of someone getting caught out. Lightning should persist into the evening too, so if you have an interest might be an idea to keep an eye out. If you are interested to know more or want any advice re chasing/observing/photographing storms I am happy to help, just drop me a PM.

I probably won't make it out there tomorrow, too much to do, but do intend to play round on Sunday.