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Thread: Forum Etiquette

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    Forum Etiquette

    I have been asked by a few members lately to remove photos posted by others, into their Critique threads. This got me to thinking and I reckon some of the unwritten forum etiquette guidelines need to be refreshed.

    Most forums on the net have a set of rules, but also there is a manner in which members interact that is generally referred to as forum etiquette. It is not written into the rules, but is assumed to be a polite and decent way to interact on a forum.

    So maybe it is prudent to raise some of the unwritten forum etiquette we have here on Ausphotography.

    * Please post your critique photos in your own threads. Do not take over another members critique thread, by posting your photo into their thread. They have posted photos to get members feedback and advice on their photography, so unless you ask, and the thread starter agrees, please do not take over another members thread, to get critique on your work. Start your own thread

    * Do not 'bump' old threads (over 30 days since last post to thread) with 'thanks', or 'that helped', or similar. If you have something to add to a thread, make it worthwhile. Bumping an old thread just to post "that is what I wanted to know", "thanks", "great", etc tends to annoy other members. (Often being done by inactive members to regain access to the site, then they don't post again, once they can access and view the site).

    So please, consider other members when you are posting! JOIN IN, with worthwhile contributions. Posting 'that helped', 'thanks', 'great info', in all your posts is not adhering to forum etiquette. You are using AP to get information, so how about giving something back. It is Christmas, which is traditionally known as a time of GIVING.
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    What about also asking question after question and never thanking anyone for their help or posting anything else. Especially new members.

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    Multiple postings and not giving , Continual bumping of a dead post or theme is another one
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