For an upcoming African safari, I plan on taking a Sigma 50-500mm OS lens. I also plan to use a Lee filter system, so I was hoping to save weight, space etc by not having to take the Sigma lens hood. I'll also take a ~24-70mm f2.8 lens for panoramic shots, esp of Victoria Falls, also using the Lee filter system - with a grad and an ND grad, etc. I have a 105mm circular polarising filter with Lee attachment ring too.

I'd like to take one Lee lens hood with me and want to make sure that I'll be able to avoid ghosting/vignetting on both the short and the telephoto lenses, but I can't find the information on Lee's website or through Google as to which of the many Lee hoods would be suitable. To see the different hoods, see:

Does anyone on these forums know whether I should take the Lee wide angle hood (which one - slotted or unslotted), will it work with a CPL? etc Or should I take the Universal hood?

Any advice appreciated.