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Thread: Eclipse?

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    Any plans to meet up somewhere for eclipse?
    I'm not sure if I'll have the energy as I would have been going all day til 10pm for a wedding but if there's a bunch of people meeting up, I might muster the energy to join!
    If I go somewhere, it'll probably be CBD to get some kind of reference that the image was shot from adelaide and not just a moon pic
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    Cloud will be the biggest problem nearer the coast. The forecast is for showers, and looking at the sat pic, cloud will be a big problem. I am planning on getting away to try and beat the cloud, but where will depend on what happens Saturday.. May have to head North or South

    The eclipse will start at around 10pm as the moon enters the penumbra, then will go right through until about 4am on Sunday. It reaches the Umbra around 11pm, then totality will be around 1am, then the moon leaves the umbra at around 2:40am, then leaves the penumbra at 4am where it will still be about 20 degrees above the Western horizon.

    Hope Someone gets to see it.... Totality only lasts about 55mins this time around. So it will be a fairly bright totality.
    comments and criticisms are always appreciated.
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