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Thread: A vent about meetings that achieve nothing...........

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    A vent about meetings that achieve nothing...........

    I wrote this while at the meeting ......whiling the time away while noone achieved anything (or so it seemed)

    I stumbled across a heated discussion
    Whose emphasis was based on an obsession
    With a firm and unbending adherence
    To process, jargon and system dependence

    What was the issue and what was its aim?
    Was it all just a rhetorical game?
    What was the debate designed to achieve?
    Save the the soothing of egos, reprieved.

    A pathway was scrawled on butcher's paper
    Processes mapped with ardent fervour
    Opinions voiced but not one solution
    Minds a-clutter with righteous pollutions

    I heard of protocols, procedure and holders of stake
    Analogies and acronyms, considered ,half baked
    A feedback loop which upon reflection
    Was just another form of self congratulation

    So are we meeting our KPI's?
    Are our resources and good will sufficient?
    Let's hire an expert,all sage and wise
    He'll fix us all with his lack of engagement.
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    Haha, I remember those days. My poems were a lot more stupid (and I personally thought they were hilarious, lol) and a lot more sexually explicit, but back when I had a 'proper' job I used to drop poetry and lyrics - even short stories - all day every day. I actually kind of miss those days.

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