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Thread: Cleaning lens

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    Cleaning lens

    I've searched this site and other websites looking for lens cleaning instructions. There are a lot of different opinions on what is best.

    I haven't been able to find anything relating to cleaning Canon lenses but have found a Nikon tutorial. Is there any difference in cleaning techniques between the two brands.

    Can a Canon L lens be cleaned in the same way as a standard lens?


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    Here is a good reference:

    I use a blower bulb first to remove lose dust etc.
    Then use a dedicted lens brush, that I do not use for anything else, to brush of the more stubborn dust.
    I then use a Lens Pen as described in the article.
    If I still have a mark on the lens, I may try a micro fibre lens cloth and breath.

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    Here's some tips from B&H.

    What Lance says is also correct and a Lens Pen is a great investment as it is small and easy to fit in the bag and comes in very handy.
    If you buy the pack of 3, they come in a nice microfibre pouch which can also be used to clean the lens.
    Pity they don't make one which also has a blower built into it.

    One other little tip is to always clean your lenses upside-down so that the dust falls to earth, rather than floating down back onto the lens.
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