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Thread: "An address in Germany"

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    "An address in Germany"

    Hi Folks.
    I've just left the Jurassic Age and have finally joined E-bay.

    But, buying from abroad means they will not always ship to Australia. So I am thinking of joining the crowd listed below, and getting an "address" in Germany. Has anybody (obviously not in Germany) heard of them/used them/know anything about them/etc?

    Thanks, Am.
    PS. Is there a better way?
    CC, Image editing OK.

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    I have not used them, but I have a friend in the EU that I get items shipped to. Just remember that I mentioned previously in the other thread that you will probably not be able to bid/buy ebay items if your account was not registered in the region the item is listed in, or the seller hasn't included your region as a place they will ship to.

    I have 3 ebay accounts, 1 registered in Aus, one in the USA and one in UK so I can pretty much buy from anywhere.

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