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Thread: Help with Photomerge in CS5 please

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    Help with Photomerge in CS5 please

    Playing with Photomerge in CS5 for the first time and I'm having difficulty.

    I load 5 dngs taken with a Canon 5DM2 (so they are about 18MB) - go to automate in PS (also tried from Bridge and LR) - select Photomerge/Perspective and hit the go button.

    The process is visible on the screen while it's making "untitled_panoram.psd" which is also visible. Once the process finishes, the created file disappears. Not saved automatically, it just disappears.

    I'm wondering what the problem can be? A memory issue? I'm using a maxed out iMac.

    I've tried using only 4 in the set of images without success, just in case it is a memory issue.

    Any ideas people?
    Cheers, Mal

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    Hmm. Haven't had that issue before., but how much RAM does your Mac have, cause doing this is memory hungry. I have watched my computer use 6GB of RAM while stitching a series of 8 RAW files together, but it could very well be that it gobbles it up, if its available.

    Try converting them to JPG's and run again, if it works you will likely be able to put it down to filesize, memory needed etc
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