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Thread: The inventor of the CMOS sensor talks

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    The inventor of the CMOS sensor talks

    Eric Fossum, the inventor of the CMOS sensor talks about the current state of sensor technology, the social repercussions we'll have to deal with(he mentions a new Japanese law!!) and of course a quick glimpse of what the future holds, and the very real likely hood of multigigapixel sensors only around the corner, with his 'jot' technology.

    It is an hour long video, so make yerself a cuppa, fast forward the first few minutes of the intro until Eric himself steps in. The last 10mins is Q/A and barely worth the effort as you can't hear the questions.

    His talk on how the masters of marketing hyperbole clearly have no idea on the limitations of physics is interesting for those that think they need more pixels in their camera.

    For any tech head, it's worth the 40-50min watch.

    ps. it's not simply about still imaging, but more about the technology of sensor design, and it's impact on all manner of imaging, from UDTV, to video, to the small cameras that operate devices such as the Kinect system, and how we'll be using this technology to control our computers in the near future .. using 3D video cameras.
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