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Thread: Slip In Photo Mounts in Perth or Australia??

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    Slip In Photo Mounts in Perth or Australia??

    Hi everyone

    Im trying desperately to find a place that stocks slip in mounts for 5x7" preferably white with a black foil frame around the photo I'd be happy for either a frame or a folder style... the only place I've found in Perth is *removed company name, members with less that 50 posts are not allowed to complain about companies/products/services* and they charge $1.01 each which is a huge mark up on wholesale price. I dont mind buying online but the ones I found in the States are adding $100 for postage! And the ones in the UK will be the same. Hong Kong ones are good but the ones I've found all want you to buy a minimum of 3000 which I dont need. Im after about 300 but will go up to $500 worth of them if I have to as long as they're at a reasonable unit price.

    Thanks so much for your assistance!

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    Give Frameshop a call, they may have something or know where you can get them
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