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Thread: Canon Photo 5

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    Canon Photo 5

    So the first brief is due today. It's interesting to see what our members have submitted.

    I don't have a macro lens so i went big... REAL big. hahaha. Probably missed the brief by a mile but hey.. i had fun. :P This is my entry and brief, how about you guys?

    Everyone has a comfort zone-a bubble if you will. A personal ecosystem with beautiful skies and the towering trees that we all achieve to be. The problem is, we remain entrapped in the lovely bubble we all feel so comfortable in. Never wondering what's behind the big door. Bust that bubble and open the door. I dare you to.

    It was hard as I don't have a macro lens, so i had to improvise by going big as suggested. Had to ensure that the reflections and background is interesting, but still allowing focus.

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    Just a reminder that any inactive AP members cannot re-activate their account and immediately post promoting entries in off-site competitions. The AP rules state inactive members have to be active for 30 days before they can promote any entries they have in competitions outside of AP.

    This rule was introduced cause in the past we had a group of members who only ever logged on around Photo5 time, specifically to recruit people to vote for them, and as soon as the Photo5 was over, they would disappear till the next year's voting.
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