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Thread: Opportunity for SE NSW members

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    Opportunity for SE NSW members

    The Snowy Hydro water people are releasing the largest amount of water since the building of the Jindabyne Dam into the Snowy River. May be a very good opportunity for some good photos, weather permitting.

    SMH article here

    Extract: "THE biggest release of water ever seen from Jindabyne Dam has begun, as an extra 84 billion litres of melted snow thunders down the Snowy River over the next three weeks.

    The release is designed to scrape mud, weeds and silt from the Snowy's clogged bed. It will build up to a peak on Wednesday when the newly concreted spillway on the face of the dam is fully opened for the first time since the dam was completed in 1967.

    The timing of the flow is designed to mimic the spring snow melt, the NSW Office of Water said."

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    After 10 + years of protests, political deals and broken promises everyone around here is just a little underwhelmed.

    A case of too little too late but it will be interesting to see if there is any effect on the lower reaches other than filling up the estuary with willow trees that were poisoned and left to rot on the banks.
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    Either way .. sounds like a good enough excuse, to me, to come across and see all this commotion and hooplah!

    filled up estuary, you reckon ... do I need a long lens for that, or a wide angle (stuff it .. it'd just bring 'em all).
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