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Thread: New Voting/Rating System : POTW #274 : See your score here

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    New Voting/Rating System : POTW #274 : See your score here

    With the close of Photo of the Week #274 Ships or Boats, we also see the finalisation of our first trial of the new entry ranking vote system.

    Remember that the scores are out of ten. So if you look at the results, an entry with 7.146 means 7.146/10

    You will see next to each entry the following :

    6.103 : 6
    5.983 : 7
    5.923 : 6
    5.538 : 8
    5.197 : 4

    These are the final score (out of ten) followed by the points score you gave the entry.




    Remember that the vote ranking system only applies to the first round of voting, the final poll will remain as 'select the one entry you think is the winning photo', as always.

    The photo of the month, is trialing the entry ranked voting as well. Photo of the Week #276 will be using the "vote for X entries"/the 'old' method. Photo of the Week #277 will use the ranked voting again as the final competition to do so as part of the trial. At the completion of POTW #277, we will be posting a poll asking members for their views on which voting method becomes the 'norm' for future AP competitions.

    Please feel free to discuss the results and rankings in this thread. We hope that the new ranking vote system gives members a better idea of how their entries performed, rather than the older system of just getting x number of votes
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    Due to a query on another post...

    To see any vote please click on 'Competitions' at the top of the page.
    Then scroll down and click on the 'Qualifying Vote (Poll)' or 'Final Vote (Poll)' for the competition that you are interested in.
    The poll results will be displayed.

    For older competitions use the 'Search' sub-menu off the main 'Competitions' menu item. (Click 'Competitions' first)
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