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Thread: The: I'm on hollidays meetup

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    The: I'm on hollidays meetup

    Hi there all ...

    I'm on ARL for the best part of the next 2 weeks and hope to enjoy a few sessions doing some wildlife/bird photography. Maybe some landscape too.

    I have a new hide and some experience that I'm willing to share.

    If you know a good spot or two and willing to have a go, then perhaps we can T-up for a couple of hours in the AM or PM.


    "Nature photography is about choosing a location, crawling through dirt, being bitten by insects and occasionally taking a great image". - Wayne Eddy.

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    Hi Wayne,
    I just noticed this post. Unfortunatly I am not able to meet up , I have had to take time off photography for work reasons.
    Hope someone shows up for you though,, look forward to seeing some of your photos.
    CC is welcomed & appreciated

    5d Mark II

    Photography by nature is spiritual, considering it comes from the darkness to show the light.
    - Kevin Russo

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