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Thread: Upcoming : Photo of the Week #275 : PRIZES

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    Upcoming : Photo of the Week #275 : PRIZES

    The upcoming Photo of the Week #275, which opens for entries on 25th September 2011 is:

    The WWW.SCORPTEC.COM.AU Photo of the Week #275

    Scorptec have come on board with some great Gary Fong gear to give away.

    The competition will be themed : “Flash Photography, light your subject”.


    Their will be a prize for the winner from each Ausphotography Photographic Level

    Scorptec Beginner: PUF-RETAIL [Gary Fong Puffer Pop-up Flash Diffuser (Retail Pkg)

    Scorptec Intermediate: LSU-HALF Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal - Half-Cloud

    Scorptec Advanced: LSC-01 Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible


    So think about the theme and get your entry ready for

    The WWW.SCORPTEC.COM.AU Photo of the Week #275 are your best choice for photographic gear, lighting, and accessories, along with a
    huge range of computers, software, parts and more. Please support the site advertisers who support you.
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    Cant wait.

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