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Thread: Posting other people's photos is not allowed on AP

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    Posting other people's photos is not allowed on AP

    Recently we have had a few members posting photos that they have not taken themselves. Mostly these posts are being used as 'examples', ie. members are posting a photo/some photos, then saying 'this is the effect I want' or 'this is what I am trying to achieve'.

    This breaches the copyright of the photographer who took those photos (publishing them to AP without the photographers permission).

    Please refrain from posting ANY photo onto Ausphotography that you do not own copyright over (this is part of the site rules). Doing so could result in AP being sent a take-down notice, or even having it sent to our hosting service. If a hosting service gets a take-down notice, they could remove AP completely from the internet.

    If you want to show members examples of what you mean, post a link to the site, or photos, but do not post the photos directly onto Ausphotography, please!!!
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