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Thread: September 2011 : Best critique of the month

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    September 2011 : Best critique of the month

    With September under-way, the mods and I are on the lookout for great critiques.

    We want you to get involved in improving your critiquing skills and share with each other some truly great critiques of each others photography. There is a prize up for the critique chosen by the moderators and myself as the best one of the month (September)

    So head over to the Member Photo Forums, choose a thread and give it your best shot. Why not try to give a great in-depth critique ever day for the entire month?

    Also if you see a great critique by another member, report it. The mods and I cannot watch everything on the site and if you can help us out by pointing out a critique you think deserves our consideration, please do.
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    Constructive Critique of my photographs is always appreciated
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    Thanks, I hope this will give us all something to think about. great critiques are very helpful.

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