I dont usually go to this due to half a million people in one spot is too annoying to watch half an hour of fireworks but this year i would like to take a girl. Yes girls have the ability to change things around like that. The issue is i want it to be well, romantic and where it isnt sardine city and where i dont have to take public transport in and out of the city.

So my question is: is there a place near the city like a small patch of grass where i could drive to about 6pm, put a blanket down, and watch the fireworks from there and still get a good view? There would be a few hidden nice spots around brisbane but i dont know it well enough to know where they are.

Or the other thing is does anyone know any roof top bars or hotels i might be able to get into that night.

any tips or help would be much appreciated as i have spent a few hours searching with little results.