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Thread: Birders and snakes in Perth

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    Birders and snakes in Perth

    Just a word of warning to birders and others who venture into our bush, especially off track. We have had a lot of rain in Perth, and the bush is very thick with grass, particularly around our swamp areas.

    I have already seen snakes on the move. Seen a huge tiger snake laying in the water, I didn't hang around to get his picture as he was very close as I walked past.

    I think this season is going to be pretty bad with snakes.

    So fellow APers in Perth, please be mindful and aware where walking, I am trying to be already as it has spooked me a little, with seeing them so soon. Also, off course birders around australia as well.
    (constructive criticism welcome)

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    Thanks for the heads-up, Shelley. I have always been pretty snake-aware, having grown up in the Pilbara, but they probably will be around more this Spring and Summer as there will also be an abundance of prey available for them.

    Unfortunately, I knew a man who was bitten last Summer while sitting at his computer at home and, apparently, because he called a friend for help rather than an ambulance the extra delay caused the bite to be fatal.

    Comments and critique always welcome and appreciated.

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