Hello everyone,

I would like some opinions please on what type of paper to have my photograph printed on. I am wanting to print this image;
Hellfire Dicky 1024x652 a.jpg
and I will be making the frame myself from old fence palings. The image will probably have a black card border and a glass front.
From your experience (the people who have had their images printed) what paper would you recommend for this image behind
glass? I have read the articles relating to paper selection that came up when I did a search on here but thought I would put
up a post to get some specific opinions for my photo. Also I have never had a photo printed other than just going into Big W
and ordering a print. I intend on printing the picture first at home on my ink jet as a test before ordering a print from an online
supplier with a decent quality paper. I just have no idea what it would look like on some of the papers they sell, ie; metallic etc
Also, should it be matte, gloss, lustre etc? Your opinions would be appreciated.