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    Pentax announce accessory price increase

    Picked this up on the Pentax forum. It is an announcement of a price increase for accessories.

    Seems strange, or unusual at least, that Hoya would be making this sort of policy announcement so close to the Ricoh takeover. Although I suppose it's not beyond the realms of possibility that it may have originated at Ricoh.

    I guess all will be revealed sooner or later.
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    An excerpt from the announcement.

    For the year September 1, 2011 (Thursday) for SLR cameras for some more Information
    One can only speculate as to what this means.

    The whole blurb seems to have lost the message in translation.

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    So doers that mean the GPS unit that I don't really want is going to be priced beyond what I can afford to pay?

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    No, It's only a number of small random accessories like lens caps and flash cords. Nothing big on the list.
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    It is also only the .jp site. It maybe only the .jp market??

    I'd wait for an English announcement
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