Hi everyone, I ran this by Rick last week and he gave it the OK to mention on AP. I was approached by a media officer at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra last Thursday who asked me to mention to as many fellow photogs. as I could, an upcoming event on September 18, 2011.
The AWM Annex in Callam St. Mitchell (ACT) is not generally open to the public but it will be on Sunday September 18th. 2011 for their "BIG THINGS IN STORE" exhibition. This display contains a lot of their collection which is generally too large to be shown at the main memorial.

The September calender link is above for more details. The initial request was that we would photograph their large exhibits and post them on Photobucket, Flickr etc. For those of you who live only a couple of hours drive from Canberra this represents an excellent opportunity to get captures of some seldom seen artefacts of war. The suburb of Mitchell is one of Canberra's northern suburbs, happy shooting