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Thread: Sexual Comments on Ausphotography

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    Sexual Comments on Ausphotography

    Recently there has been an increase in inuendo and sexual comments on Ausphotography. This has resulted in many reported posts and threads. Quite a few posts have been removed by myself and the moderators, and one member was temporarily banned due to their comments.

    Whilst the mods and I don't mind seeing the occasionally post that is of a sexually humourous nature, the same as most members, we need to ensure that comments on members photos that are placed on the site for critique, do not degrade into school-yard smuttiness.

    So please, be humourous at times, but do not go overboard with it. The last thing the mods and I want to deal with is someone who is upset cause of a sexual comment made about a photo of them, or a photo of a friend/model etc.

    Lets keep it above the belt please.
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