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Thread: Old Hanimex Flashes

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    Old Hanimex Flashes

    I have 2 old flash units from my Zenit 35mm, one a Hanimex X322 the other a Hanimex TZ1.
    Are these usable on my 400D or 7D?
    I have tried them both on my wireless trigger (PT04NE) and they seem to work fine there. The X322 is a small fairly weak flash probably similar power to the on board flash, could be useful as a remote fill flash, The TZ1 is a tilt head unit with an extendable head this has wide, std. and tele settings also a clip in diffuser, the tele setting on this may be usable for bird shots. I also have a YN460.
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    You have to be very careful of the trigger voltage that is feed back from the flash into the camera body. Old mechanical cameras could take very high voltages but most modern electronic cameras are only rated for 6v. This has nothing to do with the voltage of the batteries in the flash.

    The best thing to do is to keep them for use with your wireless triggers.


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