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Thread: Partially Weather Sealed Canon Lenses

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    Partially Weather Sealed Canon Lenses

    Here is a news item from The-Digital-Picture that may be of interest.

    Chuck Westfall (Canon USA) has provided information about the weather sealing found in some pre-officially-sealed lenses.

    According to Mr Westfall, "Pre-1999 white EF lenses such as the 200/1.8L, 300/2.8L, 300/4L, 300/4L IS, 400/2.8L, 400/5.6L, 500/4.5L, 600/4L, 35-350/3.5-5.6L, 70-200/2.8L, and 100-400/4.5-5.6L all lack mount gaskets but have moderate dust and moisture resistance for their switches, focusing rings and zoom rings where applicable."

    For example, "The EF400mm f/5.6L USM lens was designed before Canon started offering "dust and drip resistant" lenses, so it does not have a mount gasket or a built-in protective filter. However, it does have seals under the switches and the focusing ring, so it is weather-resistant to a point. For best results in wet conditions, I suggest using a clear filter on the front of the lens and covering the lens barrel with a plastic wrap."

    "Canon will not retrofit mount gaskets to EF lenses that were not introduced with that feature." I of course had to ask that question.
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    Thanks Gollum. Good info. For clarity, we should note that the lenses you mention above are the old non-IS ones - i.e., you are talking about the 600/4, not the 600/4 IS. (Yes, the "pre-1999") should give us that hint, but maybe it's worth spelling out.)

    BTW, I've used my 100-400 in pouring rain from time to time (on a weather-sealed 1 Series body) without the slightest trouble.

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